Principal and Assistant Principal with the Tides Mascot CharacterPrincipal:
Mrs. Tara Brewer

Assistant Principal:
Peggy Keller

We are very excited you are here! Our vision each day is to provide each child with a daily school experience where they feel safe, loved, cared for, and are presented with learning opportunities that will result in each of them having a rewarding school experience.

I am confident that the staff at Shelton Park will challenge our students academically.  We will continue to focus on the consistent delivery of quality level instruction in all content areas, refine teaching practices with small group instruction in both reading and math, increase the level of rigor for students in daily work, and incorporate more ways to get students to collaborate, think, and learn at higher levels. We will accomplish all of this while continuing to collaborate, personalizing learning, looking at student work, and discussing and using assessments and data to make sound instructional decisions to move students forward. It is a year of great ambition and promise.  

Forging a strong relationship between the school and home is beneficial to student performance and academic growth. Please take advantage of opportunities that you will have to become involved at Shelton Park.

It is my privilege to serve the Shelton Park school community in the role of Principal. The entire staff, Mrs. Keller, our Assistant Principal, and I are committed to working in partnership with our students, parents and school community members. It takes all of us to help every child, every day reach their fullest potential.

I look forward to meeting each of you, and to working with you and your children throughout the year.

Mrs. Brewer
Shelton Park Elementary