Our School

Mission Statement 

Our Mission, with the support of our amazing families, community members, and local partnerships is to provide a safe and encouraging environment in which all of our students feel safe (socially and emotionally), are loved and cared for, and can learn, and completely grow as a student and little human.

Our vision is for all students to leave Shelton Park Elementary School better. Each student will have a greater capacity to learn, work well with others, and make an overall positive contribution to society.

Often referred to as one of the best kept secrets at the beach, we are a school filled with great students, great families, great staff members, and even greater opportunities to think and learn. We work to ensure all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and dispositions essential to develop their success as ongoing learners in an effective, caring, and safe learning environment.  Our stakeholders work passionately and collaboratively for the benefit of all children. 

Located in the Bayside area of Virginia Beach, 82% of our students are military 
connected resulting in the most military connected students in the city.  We are also a school filled with super parents who do not expect us to work alone to promote success.  Parents and community members volunteer countless hours in support of our work.  This level of involvement helps move us towards our vision to be a responsive, collaborative, learner-centered community in the pursuit of academic and technological excellence.  We commit to equipping all learners with the skills necessary to face the future with confidence and enthusiasm.

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